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Copper Arrows Ceramic Plate


We love our arrows at The Cult List and we have had the gorgeous ceramic artist Eve Simmons design up some Jewellery Plates for us as we adore her work.

Each jewellery plate is handmade from textural Australian stoneware clay & kiln fired at a high temperature for durability. Glazed in a hand formulated, non-toxic milky white glaze & decorated with copper lustre.The glaze dribbling on each plate is unique to this picture & no two are ever the same. The base of the plate is raw unglazed clay & painted with a black crescent moon.

Copper lustre is applied to the plate after the second firing (glaze firing) & is then fired onto the glazed plate during a third firing. It is not food safe.

This plate is ideal for jewellery such as rings, earrings or bracelets.

Size: Approximately 15cm in length x 11cm wide x 1-1.5cm in height


main image : liquoricemoonstudios

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